Body-Positive Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Social media is powerful. It is an incredible tool to help you connect with others who share similar experiences and open your eyes to someone else's perspective. But like everything else in this world, it has its good and bad sides. 

Social media can be an unhealthy place if your feed is filled with images of unrealistic, glamorized lives of friends and influencers. And let's face it - that's how most of our feeds look. But don't worry! We're here to make your feed more positive. Body positive Instarammers are making their space in social media and changing the way we think about and view bodies of different shapes, sizes and colors. 

Here is a list of our favorite body positive influencers: 

1. @enamasiama

Queer model and plus-size advocate, Enam Asiama uses her Instagram account to review plus-sized clothing, talk about intersectional feminism and give us some #ootd inspo! Her posts will light up your feed for sure. 

2. @roseybeeme

Rosey Blair's Instagram account is actual goals! Plus size blogger, actress and photographer, her gorgeous outfits and photography talent will light up your feed. Throw in some cool travel destinations and her Instagram will have your heart singing with joy. 

3. @thesabinakarlsson

With her trademark freckles, gorgeous curls and curvy frame, Sabina Karlsson has been making waves in and outside the world of fashion for years. Her Instagram posts exude beauty and confidence! 

4. @watchshayslay

Shay Neary is the first non-straight-size transgender model to be featured in a clothing campaign with Controversy, an e-trailer that curates fashion for women sizes 10-28. Shay is unapologetically herself and uses her Instagram paltform to promote self-love and positivity. Follow her incredible journey because she'll definitely be going places! 

5. @selfloveclubb

Milly is a public speaker and soon-to-be author. Her Instagram feed is all about body positivity and mental health awareness. She constantly - and rightfully - bashes diet culture and promotes body acceptance. You definitely need her in your feed (and in your life)! 

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