Buying more clothes? Do these things before you do

 In today’s world, girls are always under pressure to buy new clothes – and they must always be better than the clothes other girls wear. Celebrity culture and affordable clothing all encourage the trend of overbuying. Clothing brands do too - it is how they make money, after all. That is how the “fast fashion” industry evolved. With every season, brands bring in new fashions and styles that compel you to think that the clothes you owned from last season are now old and not in fashion.

The "I have nothing to wear" mindset has become a very common problem today.

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Here at Coral Doe, we believe in owning clothing that can last you for years. The latest trends don’t exist in our dictionary. What you feel good and comfortable in should last you for years to come. We never want to hear a girl say “I have nothing to wear”. Repeating clothes is the new fashion trend at our abode. We always encourage girls to buy intentionally and to only buy clothing they love – long term investments rather than impulse buys.


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 Next time you think “I have nothing to wear” and make up your mind to head to the mall the next evening, do these things first:


  1. Treat your closet like a shop

Put aside the notion that stripes or polka dots are out of fashion. There is no “fashion” right now. There is just you and your closet. Dig inside and mix and match your clothing. Have you ever tried wearing that chunky brown sweater with that cute skirt lying around and those boots you decided you are done with? Think of shoes, accessories, scarves, shawls, hairstyles… be as creative as you can. Mix and match – you’ll be surprised what you can come up with.


  1. Call a friend over

 And then ask them to go into your closet and put together an outfit that they’ve never seen you wear before. You’d be surprised at how others can see what you look past. Maybe your friend would be able to make a wonderful pairing of your polka dot scarf you thought of throwing away with the plain sweater you thought was too… plain. Maybe they will also locate the pair of jeans your eyes always glaze over.


  1. Empty your closet

 Put aside an evening to empty out your closet – and we mean completely empty it out. You will discover clothing items you have long forgotten and maybe you will love some of them and decide to bring them to the front from their designated backseats.


  1. Get help from a tailor

 If there is a piece of cloth you don’t wear for a minor flaw in it – such as ruffled sleeves that you once thought were cute – take it to the tailor and ask them to fix it up for you. Get rid of the sleeves or get new ones cut out for yourself. The dress you think is too long for you? Get it shortened. The hoodie with sleeves too long for your comfort? Get them nipped.  The tailor can do miracles, trust us.


  1. Swap with a friend

 If you and your friend both feel like you don’t have clothing to wear anymore and are about to head to the store to purchase more, why not swap your clothing? No money spent and a bunch of new clothes! It’s a win-win situation for both of you.


  1. Ask yourself a few questions:

Do I really have nothing to wear? Have I tried on every clothing item in my closet? Do I really need more clothes? Do I have space for new clothes? What will I do with my old clothes?

If you can reasonably answer all these questions, then by all means, go ahead and buy more clothes!

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to new clothing you love but it always important to be mindful and intentional when you shop rather than purchasing clothes on a whim.

Like we said earlier, clothes should be long term investments and not impulse buys.


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