Fireside Chats: Fashion and fitness with Ana Victoria

Today we have with us Ana Victoria from Miami. She’s a health, fitness and beauty influencer on Instagram with the handle @anavictoriaperez_.

We’ll be discussing some style and fitness inspiration with her, especially how to stay fit and stylish in the winter season.


Coral Doe Crew: Ana, welcome to the interview.

Ana: Hello girls. First of all, thank you so much for having me in your space. I'm really honored you found my blog worthy of sharing! 


Coral Doe Crew: We're happy to have you here. You have a fitness, style and travel blog on Instagram and it's great how many women you inspire through it. What tips do you have to stay fit in winter? Most people forget about looking fit in winter since you're buried under layers of sweaters. How do you find the motivation to eat clean and workout in winters?

 Ana: I know winter and the holidays can be a tough time to 'stay fit' but there is definitely a few things we can put in practice to make sure we don't throw away all the hard work we have put during the year.

1. Stay active - just because you get a break from work or school, doesn't mean you have to lay in the couch all day. Stay warm by going to the gym, going on a run, indoor swimming, skiing, so many options!


2. Don’t do extremes - I never advise anyone to be super restrictive with food, just like I don't advice to OVER-indulge whenever you have the chance. Enjoy the things you love, and practice a lot of PORTION CONTROL.


3. Finally, and this is related to your comment on how to stay motivated to eat clean. The truth is, eating clean is something that should be natural. So in my case, I don't need 'motivation' because it is part of my daily lifestyle. This is something I try to teach to all my clients. Sure, I will have a few days where I'll eat the big meals with my family, but any other day should be just like any other day with my regular healthy meals.


Coral Doe Crew: What are some cute and comfy gym outfits for winters that you would suggest to girls out there?

Ana: This is the time where I really love wearing the famous yoga pants or gym leggings. I am Nike short type of gal (I live in Miami!), so when it gets a little chilly, I love wearing cute long leggings. Nike has some that are actually thicker for colder weather, and I personally love the designs from Gymshark. You can mix and match their tops and bottoms. Super cute!


Coral Doe Crew: Since your blog is focused on style as well and you have such gorgeous outfits, let's talk about fashion for a bit. Do you have any winter fashion advice? Everyone wants to look trendy and stay warm at the same time. It's hard to maintain a balance.

Ana: Totally agree! Since I am currently living in Miami, but have lived in colder areas. I would recommend to always have LAYERS! 

My to-go outfit is cute tight jeans or pants to show some of your figure (you don't want to hide EVERYTHING!) with a cozy warm sweater (those are super in right now!). You can even find some with animal prints, which is really in this season. On top of that, have your coat for colder temperatures. And always pair it with cute booties. Oh! And don't forget the cute hat with the pom poms. Trust me, you will look fab! 


Coral Doe Crew: What are some fashion accessories that are your go-to during winter time?

Ana: Hats! I love how cute they look and since it is winter, nobody can look at you weird lol there are so many styles: Frenchie, beanies,  big round ones (super chic!), etc. I think they take your outfit from regular winter to a high fashion winter look. 

Coral Doe Crew: Do you have a fitness program you would like to talk about with our audience?

Ana: I always offer personalized fitness programs that include meal plans and training schedules and all the support they need during an 8+ week period. I promote weights for women. I believe weights are the best way to get in shape and get that toned and nice body, so I encourage all women to get out of their comfort zone and really start seeing real results! 


Coral Doe Crew: Where can our audience find you?

Ana: My Instagram is the best and most updated place to find me. You will find all the daily fashion and fitness tips, travel pics, motivation, workouts, and recipes there: @anavictoriaperez_

Additionally, my blog has even more in-depth topics in everything related to Lifestyle, Fitness, and even travel. I recently posted my first travel post on Guadalajara, Mexico so go check that one out. 

If you want to contact me directly, feel free to email me at


Coral Doe Crew: Great. Thanks for chatting with us, Ana! 



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