How To Organize Your Closet - Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

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An unorganized environment results in an unorganized mind. And usually, the most unorganized part of your bedroom is your closet. You probably declutter and fix up your closet every few months but soon it starts getting messy again, and you keep ignoring it (it’s easy to ignore it when the closet door is shut) until you’re forced to face the unavoidable task of decluttering again.

Have no fear – we have you covered. This time, when you organize your closet, you will organize it for good. No more messy bundles of clothes lying around. No more finding your leggings in the middle of your socks basket. Follow these easy tips and have an organized closet in no time.

Before we start, make a commitment to only keep the clothes you love and wear frequently and to donate all the rest. No maybes. Trust us, it will make your life simpler.

1. Declutter by category

Empty out your closet. Yes, your entire closet. We're not going to specifically organize your closet where you only touch the clothing that is visible to the eye and neglect the ones that are buried under. We are going to dig deep into your closet.

But this time, instead of throwing all your clothes into a huge pile as you empty your closet, separate clothing by category. This means pants go into one pile, shirts into another, dresses get their own corner. Be as broad or narrow as you want when it comes to category. Blouses, coats, fur, accessories, undergarments, shoes, etc.

This helps because it’s easier to compare clothes when you can see all the other clothes you own in the same category. This will make it easier to get rid of clothing you haven’t or do not plan to wear for years.

Throw those into the donations pile and move on.

2. Ask yourself one question while restacking your closet

Would I buy this piece of clothing if I were shopping right now? If the answer is no, the item goes into the donation pile.

3. Clean your closet

Now that you have an empty closet in front of you, clean it thoroughly. Wipe the shelves, dust the walls and make it as clean as you possibly can.

Clean closet

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4. Store your clothes by category

Now that you have all your clothes sorted out by category, start storing them by category too. You activewear goes in a separate corner from your sweaters. Store your belts, underwear, coats, socks, etc in separate corners/boxes.


5. Hang anything delicate, fancy or thick

Unless you have the closet space to hang every single blouse or T-shirt you own, stick to hanging delicate clothing like dresses, skirts, and lingerie, and thick and structured clothing like blazers and coats. This will allow you a lot of closet space to work with.


6. Use coordinating hangers

 If you have a variety of hangers, ranging from wooden to plastic to steel to neon-colored hangers, chances are your closet will look untidy even when it isn’t untidy. Choose your favorite kind of hangers and stick to them. Make sure you choose something sturdy if you have a lot of suits and heavy clothing to hang.


7. Stack or roll your T-shirts upright

Use a storage box or drawer and stack your shirts upright. Or roll them if you prefer. This way, you can see all the T-shirts and it will be easier to locate the one you’re looking for. It will also prevent clothes from getting neglected for too long.


Rolling all your thinner and softer clothes saves a lot of closet space. Use this technique for socks, leggings, shorts, and pajamas.


Tip: Shoeboxes make great storage boxes in case you don’t have one.

8. Use closet dividers for your undergarments

Undergarments are tiny clothing and are easy to misplace if they’re in the middle of all your other clothing. They’re also easy to misplace if they’re all mixed up all together in a huge jumble in your closet. Use storage dividers to maximize space and to easily be able to locate them.

Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing if you’re into that!


9. Have an automatic system in place for getting rid of clothing you never wear

Turn all your hangers backwards. Once you’ve used them, hang them facing the front direction so you know you have recently worn an item. The items that are still turned backwards after 12 months, donate them. If you didn’t wear them in the last 12 months, chances are, you won’t wear them in the next 12 months either.


10. Use the one in-one out rule

This is a tip suggested by Mary Helen Rowell. For every item of clothing she buys, she gets rid of one old item of clothing. It works well for her. After all, she lives in a 90-square-foot apartment.

11. Hang scarves on hangers

Aside from keeping them wrinkle free which folding tends to do, hanging scarves on hangers will also make them easy to locate and access. This means you will be using them more often.


12. Organize your drawer content in the order of getting dressed

If you have vertically stacked drawers, fill them up in the order of getting dressed.

In the top drawer, fill in your undergarments, which most people tend to put on first.

In the next one, put your pants and then your shirts.

Or use whatever order you get dressed in. It’ll make your morning routine much easier.


Do you like our decluttering and organizing tips? Be sure to let us know if you ever use any of our hacks! 


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