How To Plant Our Seed Tags

Our tags are 100% eco-friendly. They are either plantable, recycled, up-cycled, or reusable. 

Here's how you can plant your Coral Doe seed tags:

1. Remove the jute attachment from your seed tag

Don't throw the jute attachment away! It can be used in place of rubber bands to tie up packages at home that need to be held together. But if you do throw it away, there's nothing to worry about - jute is biodegradable! 

2. Soak your seed tag overnight in a bowl of water 

This allows the seeds to germinate.

3. Fill a plant pot with compost, place your soaked tag in it and cover it with more compost (1 cm deep). 

Make sure you use a generous amount of compost. Soak the soil and place it in a warm and bright location.

4. Water it daily and make sure it gets lots of sunlight!

Watch it grow and bloom.


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