How To Style A Scarf In Spring (Video Tutorial)

Scarves - the easiest, quickest and most diverse pieces of accessories you can own. They are incredibly affordable, come in several different patterns, shapes, and sizes, and can be styled in a dozen ways. They can completely change the look of your outfits if you know how to style them.

Scarves can also be worn year-round - yes, even in the summer (as long as it isn't thick or woolen). Spring, in our humble opinion, is the perfect time to style colorful and floral printed scarves. For those confusing spring days when the weather isn't too cold or too warm, a light scarf will save the day (and lots of time spent thinking of what to wear).

Enough rambling about how wonderful scarves are. Let's show you some style ideas. 

Here are 6 easy ways to style a scarf. Enjoy!


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