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In today’s world, we are bombarded with clothing style tips, guides on what to wear for the upcoming new season and shopping advice for sales and holidays. But no one ever talks about what’s actually important: how to love yourself and take care of your mental health. It isn't something that comes to most of us naturally and must be worked on.

So we’re here to share with you some great self-love style tips by Dani DiPirro, because #mentalhealthmatters.

  1. Clothe yourself in compassion

Go easy on yourself when you make mistakes, when you’re going through a hard time or when you feel like you can’t get anything right. Treat yourself like you would treat a friend – be a friend to yourself.

Source: Pink Puddle Studio

  1. Tip a hat to your talents

Give yourself some credit for being the wonderful human being that you are. All your talents and abilities should be applauded and appreciated, and who better to do that than you yourself?

Source: Dark Rose Queen

  1. Adorn yourself with acceptance

Everyone has flaws, scars and—perhaps—a dark side. The key is to work towards your best self while accepting your flaws and wearing your scars with pride. We all have our own stories that made us who we are today. Come to terms with your story and be proud of it.

Source: Meagan Morrison

  1. Pull on a positive attitude

It can be difficult keeping a positive attitude during difficult times, but if we consciously make an effort to do so, it can eventually become easier and more natural. Believe in yourself and tell yourself that things will eventually go the way you want, if you keep working and don’t give up.

Source: Mingjue Helen Chen

  1. Skirt around self-sabotage

Sometimes we don’t even realize that our own thoughts and actions are doing more harm than good. Try to consciously practice being present and aware of what you’re doing and thinking. That way, you can get rid of the negative thoughts and start culminating positivity.

  1. Walk away from worry

Relax. Things go wrong and things go right—it’s a part of life. Worrying never does any good. Instead, try to focus on what it is that’s making you worried and, if it’s worth it, try to come up with a way to solve that issue. If you realize that it isn’t worth it after all, let it go and relax.

Source: Illustration Web

  1. Clutch your courage and calm

Hold on to them tightly and don’t let them go. Because they are your most valuable assets. Be courageous and kind. Keep calm when things seem to go wrong. Tell yourself that everything will work out—because it will.

Source: Unknown

Breathe and listen to your heartbeat. You are alive and you’ve made it this far. Applaud yourself for that achievement. And encourage yourself to keep going. Nothing is the end of the world—life will go on as it always does, and you will be okay. So breathe and keep your head up. You’ll be proud of yourself tomorrow.


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