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4 Style Tips For Petite Girls in 2019

DISCLAIMER: This article is in no way promoting a specific body-type or shape. Short, tall, slim or plus-sized, everyone is unique and beautiful in their own manner. The point of this article is to help shorter and plus-sized girls find outfits that are flattering to their body types. 


The fashion industry is biased in favour of tall and slim girls. Dresses that look trendy on mannequins look like grandma clothes on short girls and are too small to fit plus sized girls. It’s as if the fashion industry completely ignores petite girls. And plus sized girls. And what if you’re petite AND plus sized? The fashion industry really needs to up its game and make clothes for all shapes and sizes!

Here are some tips for our petite girls – slim or plus, we’ve got you covered! These tips won’t necessarily make you look taller but they’ll make petite fashion fun and easy. While the fashion industry is busy designing clothes that fit tall figures, we’re here to tell you about clothes that look good on petite girls and on petite-plus girls.


1. Cropped

 Cropped jackets, hoodies, and shirts tend to elongate your lower half. If you want to look taller, go for something cropped! Pair it with your favorite high-waisted pants and you’re good to go.


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2. One colored outfit

 When your outfit is the same color head-to-toe, it stretches out your stature. Go for one-colored pieces. They look great on petite and petite-plus girls! 


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  3. V Neck or high-neck

V necks and turtlenecks emphasize height whereas a square neck emphasizes width. High neck can allow a longer visual line.


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 4. Vertical Stripes 

Vertical stripes are great for petite and petite-plus girls. Vertical stripes are elongating whereas horizontal stripes are widening.

Go for either vertical striped bottoms or tops. 


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