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Summer 2019 Shopping Essentials

The summer shopping season can be overwhelming especially with all the new arrivals smiling down at you from every billboard and popping out at you every time you’re casually scrolling through Instagram.

Should you buy that cute dress or should you spend your money on tees instead? How can you manage the summer shopping craze without being a spendthrift?

We got you covered. Here’s a list of 8 summer essentials that are easy to find, not too expensive and super diverse so you can pair them with several outfits. This summer, you'll never have to worry about what to wear!

1. Some plain cotton tees

You'll need these for those hot July months when no amount of air conditioning is going to be enough.


2. Denim jeans 

Choose some darker shades along with some washed ones so you can have a large variety to choose from.


They go with just about everything. 

3. Mini dresses

Nothing says summer like some floral print dresses.

Not only are mini dress extremely cute and easy to find, but they also keep you cool and you can wear them for casual nights or semi-formal events.


4. Culotte pants

For the hot days when you don't want to wear denim jeans, go for culottes instead. They're very breezy and will keep you cool.


5. Sandals 

Sandals are a summer essential. Wear them to the beach, to dinners, at home, to the grocery store - so comfortable and diverse!


6. Sneakers 

Perfect for getting those steps in during the summer months. If you can't decide what to wear and you're running late, just throw on a tee, a pair of pants and some sneakers - the classic outfit.


7. Blazers

For presentations and work dinners, a good ol' blazer will save your life.



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