The Best Upcoming Instagram Accounts For Mental Health Awareness

Social media is in a controversial position when it comes to mental health. On the one hand, it's filled with picture-perfect people with seemingly flawless lives, which makes it difficult not to compare our lives to theirs, potentially leading to anxiety and depression. 

But on the other hand, social media provides a platform for people suffering from mental health problems to connect with others going through the same thing. Doing so can make a person feel less alone in a world that seems to constantly ignore that mental health is a real thing. 

We--at Coral Doe--donate part of our proceeds to mental health research. Coral Doe came into being with the purpose of supporting and normalizing mental health. So we want to give a shout-out to some of our favourite Instagram accounts focused on mental health. These folks are normalizing mental health and fighting against the stigma of talking about it. So go follow them and let them bring some positivity into your lives. 

1. @coachmarkcarroll

Mark Carroll's Instagram account is all about health: mental and physical. He openly talks about his struggle with depression and anxiety, along with giving advice on fitness and weightlifting. What sets him apart is that he is a male talking about his own experience with mental health, which isn't something we see very often. Men are told from a very young age that they shouldn't talk about their feelings but Mark defies all such norms. His Instagram captions will show you that men can be vulnerable too. 

2. @makedaisychains

Hannah Daisy is known for starting the hashtag #boringselfcare. She shows us important yet seemingly mundane ways she takes care of herself, like booking a doctor's appointment or drinking enough water to stay hydrated or simply remembering to breathe. She'll be your reminder that sometimes the most boring things are the most crucial. 

3. @lukeambleruk

Luke Ambler founded @andysmanclub and the campaign #itsokaytotalk. Started after Luke's brother-in-law Andy ended his life, the purpose of the club and campaign is to stop men from taking their own lives and to encourage them to open up and get the help they need. Having suffered from his own problems, including an eating disorder and bullying, Luke knew what it's like to feel powerless. Follow him and his club for hope that tomorrow will be better and that #itsokaytotalk

4. @thelatestkate

The Latest Kate's Instagram is filled with illustrations of animals with encouraging messages for people living with depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. Her artwork was a form of self-care and therapy for herself but is now helping others feel less alone. The Latest Kate will be your reminder that you are enough and that it's okay to be sad. 

5. @bethdrawsthings

Beth Evans draws comics that have few words and minimal imagery but resonate with her audience on a large scale. She manages to cover and address some of the less-talked-about and trickier aspects of mental health while keeping up a positive and encouraging vibe throughout her feed. 

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