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There are two kinds of old clothes – the type that can be worn and the type that have been so worn that they are essentially useless now. We’re here to talk about both of them.

There is so much that can be done with old clothing instead of throwing them in the garbage bin. 

Let’s start with clothes that you no longer plan to wear, no longer fit you, aren’t your style anymore, have just been worn too many times or are the unlucky ones when you’re downsizing your closet. Don’t throw them away! There is always a place for your poor old clothes other than the garbage bin. Throwing away your old clothes will only add to the ever-increase garbage in the world. 

Here’s what you can do instead:

Hold a clothing swap party 

Let your friends know you are giving away clothes you no longer plan to wear. They might have tones of clothes lying around in their closets too. Hold a clothing swap party and exchange clothes! You’ll get a bunch of new designs and clothes for free and you won’t be throwing away your clothes either! Win win.


Donate your clothes to local charities. Make sure your clothes are in good condition and freshly laundered. If the clothes are not in a good enough condition to be donated, keep reading for more ideas on what to do with them.


Sell your old clothing that is in good condition. Find secondhand stores in your city and reach out to them for their buying criteria. Here are some buying-and-selling stores we love: Buffalo Exchange, Plato's Clothing, Clothes Mentor, and Once Upon a Child.

Several websites such as Ebay, swap.com, Poshmark, and Tradesy will also allow you to sell or swap your clothes with just a few clicks.

Return to the brand you purchased from 

Several brands accept their old clothing back. Clothing retailers such as HnM, Levi Strauss & co, and The North Face encourage customers to bring their old clothing to any retail location to be reused or recycled.

Coral Doe accepts clothes bought from our stores at least 3 years prior to return date. Customers who choose to return old clothing back to us get a 15% discount voucher for their next purchase! Read more about our acceptance criteria for old clothing here.

Let’s come to the ripped and over-worn clothing that can’t be donated or given away. Here’s what you can do with them:

Recycle the fabric to create something new 

Old clothes can belong to so many places other than the garbage can. They can be turned into blankets, pillow cases, bags, hats, rompers, and lots of other cool items. Here are 27 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Clothing.

Contact the manufacturer 

Several retail stores and manufacturers accept back torn and ripped clothing too. These clothes are then recycled into threads used to make more clothing. Contact the manufacturer to see if they provide such services.

Currently, Coral Doe does not accept back clothing that is ripped or torn but we are working towards getting systems in place to be able to recycle torn clothing.

Turn them into cleaning clothes 

Expand your cleaning kit. Cotton clothes and towels make great cleaning cloths. Just throw in your old cotton t-shirt in your cleaning equipment. That way, it won't be wasted and will also help you have a sparkling clean house!

Do you like our tips? Make sure to leave more recycling tips in the comments!

Thinking of buying more clothes? Read this before you do!


  • Ayesha

    Loved your post. Can you find and link other companies in Pakistan that accept old clothes?

  • Zahra Abbas

    I loved your advice and I have a recycling tip for you. You could give your old clothes to your younger siblings or to make some designed clothes from them

  • Alishba Khalid

    What an amazing blog.. btw donating your old clothes is what everyone should do for a must.. buying new and donating them is also very good thing…

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