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Why Sister Entrepreneurial Duos Are The Best

It is a truth universally acknowledged that siblings are each other's biggest rivals and supporters. Siblings can provide feedback and critique but can quickly move on from arguments and disagreements. They cheer each other on but also try to one-up each other as a little healthy competition. These combinations are a perfect mix for business dream teams. Some businesses started by siblings include Hey Lady, Conscious Magazine, Paperless Post and Disney

Another proof of magic in sibling entrepreneurship is the twin sister duo behind the clothing brand Coral Doe, Tuba and Aqsa. The sisters-turned-business-partners officially launched Coral Doe in December 2018. What started as a small business venture quickly began to grow and flourish. The sisters share similar values for the company and have a clear idea of where they see the company headed in the future. 

Keep reading to find out the top reasons we believe sister entrepreneurial duos are the best. 

1. There's a different kind of trust that doesn't exist in other partnerships 

No matter how many fights they get into, sisters have an unwavering trust in each other, which carries into their business venture. There are countless stories of business partnerships between friends that didn't work out and resulted in the end of friendship and business alike. This rarely happens in sibling partnerships because siblings are in it together forever. 

2. The division of work is seamless 

Between sisters, the division of work is somehow easier than it is in other partnerships. They know their strengths, weaknesses and time constraints. They can cover for each other when one of them has too much on her plate. There's more of a sense of us and less of me. 

3. There are more agreements than disagreements

Sisters generally think alike so there are less disagreements, which makes decision-making more convenient and less tedious. 

4. Some things don't need to be said 

There is a strange - and almost spooky - psychic connection between siblings. They know what the other one is thinking during meetings, brainstorming sessions, presentations and discussions, which makes communication seamless and easy. 

5. There is complete honesty 

Unlike other partnerships, there is no professional restraint between sisters, which allows them to express their views and ideas freely. The understanding between sisters is so strong that they can have confrontations and disagreements, and move past them quickly rather than taking offence or harboring feelings of bitterness for a long time. 

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