Winter Fashion Trends Of 2019

With New Year's Eve fast approaching and 2019 just around the corner, winter shopping is at its peak as everyone scrambles to get the trendiest and cutest outfits.

Here at Coral Doe, we believe in Timeless Fashion – outfits that can be worn years later. Winter fashion for us is all about cozy clothes that feel familiar and are easy to throw on. The age of convenience is seeping into fashion now as people become busier and busier.

Here’s a guide to our top winter trends for 2019 that can last you for the years to come:

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1. Teddy Coats 

There’s a new coat in town – and this time, it’s big, furry, cozy, cuddly and extremely comfortable. Not to mention, incredibly cute too! Teddy coats come in all sizes and colors; cropped, large, oversized, knee-length, fitted, you name it. They can be worn outside to battle the cold weather or at home to stay comfortable and cozy all day long.


2. Pom pom sweaters


A bold fashion trend this winter is pom pom sweaters. It’s like any other sweaters with a small addition – pom poms! They’ll make you look seriously aware of the new fashion trends!

Pom pom sweaters can either be all in one shade or you can go with multi-colored pom poms. The possibilities are endless. If you own a pom pom sweater, it can last for years, along with all the fond memories of the compliments you got while wearing it.


3. Shades of brown


How many shades of brown can you think of off the top of your head? Beige, Chocolate, Chestnut, Camel, Khaki, Walnut, Tan, Rose Brown, and Topaz are just a few we can think of. And they’re all in style!

From coats to teddies to sweaters to boots, brown is here to stay. Brown items are safe items. And good investments too.


4. Oversized sweaters


Oversized sweaters are never not-needed. Every color can look good on an oversized sweater. Just go with your favorite color!


5. Statement jewelry


Statement jewelry can make any plain outfit look bright and colorful. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Get a few pairs of statement earrings and you’re good to go as far as accessories go. You can even go for a minimalistic style in statement earrings!



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