How To Get 10% Off Your Second Purchase

Did you buy from Coral Doe, absolutely loved it, and can’t wait to purchase again? To appreciate your support, we want to help you save some cash.

Here are 4 ways you can get 10% off your next purchase!

1. Upload a picture planting our seed tags


We have 3 types of tags: seed tags, 70% recycled paper bookmark tags, and 100% recycled cotton bookmark tags.

If you receive a seed tag with your order, follow these steps to plant one and send us/upload a video or picture of it!

Read more about our tags here.

 2. Upload a picture using our recycled paper tags


Our 70% recycled paper and 100% recycled cotton tags double as bookmarks. If you want 10% off your next purchase, upload or send us a picture using our tags to bookmark your current read!

 Read more about our tags here.

3. Upload a picture reusing our packaging

We've worked hard to keep our packaging plastic free. All orders are wrapped in mesh cloth (which can later be reused to cover fruits and perishable foods). Orders are shipped out in jute bags (which are biodegradable and reusable) or canvas bags (which are reusable).

If you choose to use our bags for your next grocery trip, make sure you send us a picture! 

Read more about our packaging here.

 4. Upload a picture wearing your Coral Doe outfits

Upload or send us a picture (that we can repost!) in your Coral Doe outfits. If it's a high quality image and passes our social media standards, you will get 10% off your next order!

5. Upload an aesthetic flatlay with a Coral Doe outfit in it

Don’t want to send a picture of yourself? No worries – you can send us an aesthetic flaylay! Head over to our Instagram for some flatlay inspiration!

Happy shopping and saving!


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