Recycle old Coral Doe clothes

As part of our goal to incorporate sustainable and ec-friendly practices into business, we accept back old clothing purchased from Coral Doe. The aim is to recycle old clothes into new clothes instead of throwing them away. 

Here's how it works

Bring in or send out your old clothes - Clothes must have the stitched tag intact. You may bring in the clothes to one of our warehouses if you are located nearby. Alternately, you can send out your clothes to the address we provide you. 

We will examine the clothes to check if it meets our acceptance criteria - Keep an eye on your email. We will email you to let you know if your clothes have been accepted. 

Get your 15% discount voucher - If your return is accepted, we will email your discount voucher to be used for your next purchase from our store! If it is not accepted, we will be happy to mail the clothes back you. If you don't want them back, we would be happy to keep them.

Acceptance criteria 
  • Clothes must be purchased at least three years prior to return date. You don't need to keep the receipts. We have each order in our record so we will be able to pull out your order and check the purchase date! 
  • Clothes must be in good condition - free of wear, tear, and stains. 
  • Clothes must be freshly laundered.
  • The tag stitched on the clothes must still be intact. 

Have any old clothes you'd like to return? Contact us here or send an email to

NOTE: Our goal is to reduce waste. Please don't try to manipulate our rules to get a discount or earn some cash. If you truly believe in our initiative, you are welcome to be a part of it!